Sign Up for Both the PSA and ML

Use this form to create an account on the Psychological Science Accelerator and ManyLanguages Canvas Member Website.

  • You will receive an email immediately from the membership email account (psa.membersite at gmail).
  • The PSA supports ManyLanguages by using the same system for project tracking.
  • In a few days, you will receive an invite from Canvas to join the system.
  • If you are signing up for specific projects, you will also receive an email to join the "class".
  • If you don't get the register for Canvas email, you can go to the member login page, and use "Forgot Password" to set up a password.
  • If you have any issues, you can email the web admin for help or the ManyLanguages team.

We recommend using a permanent email for your login to allow you to reset it even if you change jobs. You will be able to change your email log in after you register.

If you are interested in joining a specific project, please list it here. If you are the project monitor, please leave us a note to add this user to your project.